As I looked out at the crowd last Friday I had the sense we provided an engaged and studious audience for Mizzou Athletics Director, Jim Sterk but didn’t subject him to a version of the Spanish Inquisition of which our club can be capable. It was a warm start to a warm weekend and some 15 of us went on to make the great majority of the crew that packed the container which went off to Nicaragua.

In case you missed it, in addition to our tires and computers we packed hundreds of boxes of clothes, shoes and toys and Mel West was the centerpiece of a nice piece of coverage done by KOMU. The link is at:

In the week ahead we have Rotary Day at the Ballpark on Saturday 19th for the Tigers final game of the season against Tennessee. If you don’t have a ticket yet I feel certain that between David Nivens, Rhett Brengarth and myself we can find a way to squeeze you in.

This Friday we will have a Board Meeting to follow the regular club meeting. Board meetings are open to all members and make a point of checking one out sometime to hear what your Directors are doing to set a future path for us all.

Note your calendar for the evening of Thursday 21 June and our End of Year Celebration at 6pm. Lots more about that after Memorial Day.

If you haven’t nominated a Rotarian of the Year yet, please do let Randy Thoroughman know who you think has gone above and beyond these past 11 months.

This coming Friday our program is Jim Roller and Flying Gallantry Groups about which I know nothing save that our Program Committee hasn’t let us down once. See you all then

Have a great week!