Hello Members of Rotary South,
Thank you for supporting The Salvation Army in Boone County.
We love our Army of volunteer bell ringers!
You have selflessly donated your time during this busy holiday season to stand by a Salvation Army Kettle offering a warm greeting and ringing a bell for hope, charity and goodwill. You really do make a difference!
This year, you all raised $5,485 to help those in need right here in our community. This equals 108 nights of safe shelter along with three meals each day.
Here’s your breakdown:
November 8: $113
November 9: $219
November 15: $158
November 16: $360
November 22: $93
November 23: $447
November 29: $252
November 30: $795
December 6: $178
December 7: $568
December 13: $152
December 14: $825
December 20: $265
December 21: $1,060
Thank you again for ringing and for being a part of a tradition that has been around for 128 years.
I hope you and your families had a blessed New Year.
Lori Benson
Director of Community Relations & Volunteers
573-442-3229, ext. 222