This Week

Columbia South Meetings will meet via Zoom

Program Rotary for Life

Joe Weston

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Next Week

We will meet via Zoom

Boone County Commission

Fred Parry






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Third Thursday Happy Hour

Next Event

Thursday April 16

Join us on Zoom




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Sorry, no events coming up. View past events here.


For Your Planning

Our next meeting will be via zoom
You will have a chance to join the meeting at 7 a.m. to network and the meeting will start at 7:15.
Brad will send a link and instructions, as well as a chance to download and test on Thursday.
If you would like to test before that contact me and we can do a test on demand
Bob Smith


Our Next in Person Meeting is scheduled for May 8

The District Conference originally planned for April 17 – 19 has been canceled.

 The Rotary International Convention, scheduled for 6-10 June 2020, in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, has been canceled

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Christmas Letter from Bill Regan

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Welcome Our New Club Leaders

President: Amy Schneider

President Elect: Robin Calfee

Secretary: Brad Martens

Treasurer: Tom Corcoran

Board Members:

Thru June 2020: Rich Harding, Rebecca Johnson, Greg Jones, Dan Schapira

Thru June 2021: Greg Eiffert, Teri Walden

New Members: Dell Epperson, Susan McKarns, Carey Ruckberg, Curtis Varns

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Bill Regan

Bill Regan has moved to Georgia, where he lives with daughter Julie Miller and her husband Joshua and continue his outpatient therapy.  He’s improving all the time.

Here is where you can reach Bill in the Augusta GA area:

Bill Regan; c/o Julie Miller3784 Dunn Court; Applying, GA. 30802  (Note this is a new address)

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Ag Park


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