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Andrew Grabau


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Rotary Beyond the Club

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Third Thursday Happy Hour

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We are changing to the third Thursday

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November 21st **** No Happy Hour in November *****

December 19th Las Margaritas 10 E. Southampton Blvd


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Welcome Our New Club Leaders

President: Amy Schneider

President Elect: Robin Calfee

Secretary: Brad Martens

Treasurer: Tom Corcoran

Board Members:

Thru June 2020: Rich Harding, Rebecca Johnson, Greg Jones, Dan Schapira

Thru June 2021: Greg Eiffert, Teri Walden

New Members: Dell Epperson, Susan McKarns, Carey Ruckberg, Curtis Varns

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Bill Regan

Bill Regan has moved to Georgia, where he lives with daughter Julie Miller and her husband Joshua and continue his outpatient therapy.  He’s improving all the time.

Here is where you can reach Bill in the Augusta GA area:

Bill Regan; c/o Julie Miller3784 Dunn Court; Applying, GA. 30802  (Note this is a new address)

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Ag Park


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Mel West

On Saturday, May 18, 2019 Rev. Mel West received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from The University of Missouri for recognition of his lifetime of humanitarian efforts that continue to transform lives across the globe.

If you do not yet have a copy of his latest book “One Dammed Good Horse: Stories, Wit, and Wisdom”. Contact Dell Epperson or Susan McKarns for a Copy.  They are available for purchase for $20 each and all proceeds go directly to support Mobility Worldwide.

Mel will celebrate his 95th birthday on Tuesday May 21 2019.

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Past District Governor R D Ross

Past District Governor R D Ross passed away May 3rd.  Mike Heckner and Bob Churchill from the Columbia Club were there that morning. The daughters told them that a service would be a couple of months out because friends and family are all over the country. They reported that RD looked peaceful and great in his gold MU Tiger polo shirt. There was a KU blanket at the foot of the bed (his undergraduate school).  He was a wonderful man and patriot. Up until recently, he never missed a meeting.  He was a magnet at weekly meetings.  Everyone wanted to greet and talk to him. He will be missed.

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