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Membership dues for January – June 2020 are now being collected.  Semiannual dues are $100.

Due to cost increase and administrative changes at the Country Club we need to raise the breakfast cost and change how we collect money for the meeting room and breakfast charges.   The new breakfast/meeting cost is $11.00.   Effective for this next six months we will collect quarterly in advance for 10 of the 13 meeting dates scheduled from January to March.  Your quarterly meeting/breakfast cost will be $110.00.

Please make your check payable to Columbia South Rotary and return by mail to the address listed above as soon as possible.  (Or, give to me at the next Friday meeting.) You may also use PayPal through the Club website

The goal of Rotary is for Every Rotarian Every Year to contribute to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.  We ask and encourage you to make your $75 semi-annual donation to the foundation in support of your becoming a Paul Harris Fellow or sustaining an additional Paul Harris Fellowship.  While $150 annually per member is required in aggregate to meet our goals, individual contributions in any denomination are welcomed and encouraged.  We strive for 100% participation.

If you are making a separate check for your Paul Harris donation make check out to “The Rotary Foundation”.  **  Note **  New Members making a $75 donation to the Rotary Foundation for the first time will receive a $75 matching donation in their name from the Columbia South Rotary Club.   (This is a one-time matching donation for new members who have not previously contributed to PHF.)

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Tom Corcoran at (573) 639 7446 or email at



1. To cover our online merchant expenses, we have added 4% to the annual dues and breakfast costs

2.  Payments to the foundation are voluntary.

Semi-Annual Dues $100+ 4%


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Rotary Foundation Contribution Donation


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