1)    Mentor Program with Rotaract (ideally sharing similar industry).  19 Rotaract members.  Currently 18 of us have signed up, but we need more to strive for the same industry match.

2)    FB / Social Media of 100 likes on our page.  Currently at 73.  Miscellaneous posts that tag people and/or are shared by people:

  1.     Post about Marsha Knudsen’s program reached 639 people.
  2.     Sean’s Rotary International Peace post – 290 people.
  3.     Pinkel & Gary Link picture – 483 people.

3)    Increase number of Rotary South members who sign up, or state that they are signed up to be an organ donor.  Currently at 9.

4)    Have 55 Rotary South members agree to be a Rotary International Benefactor (agree to donate $1,000 to Rotary upon death).  Currently at 3.

5)    A goal turned commitment (Thanks to our District Simplified Grant).  Involvement with Boone County Historical Society by painting, landscaping, building a wheel share ramp, etc..  This is a all club/hands on deck.