Happy Tax Day to all, if it can be titled as such! Lots of highlights to note, so here we go:
•Congratulations again to Barbara Hodges, honored with the prestigious Athena Leadership Award! We well know of Barbara’s leadership focus and energy from the great work she does with the…ahem…women’s underwear project and numerous other project initiatives.
•Did you see how Rotary South again dominated Pulse Shots in Sunday’s Tribune? Club members were obviously very active in the recent PETS/SETS training for incoming officers of clubs in our district. More leadership from Rotary South – thanks and congratulations to these members too!
•While beating our own drum, Rotary South was a nominee finalist for the HERO award for the group category. A large contingent was on hand at Stoney Creek yesterday to hear the great stories of volunteer work and salute the winners. For their great work, Meals on Wheels won the group category. South members sharing a table were Bob Smith, Michelle Baumstark, Chris Rigby, Curt Kempf, Sean Spence, Mel & Barbara West and yours truly.
•Rotary South’s application for the Presidential Citation award was submitted by District Governor Ken Messer. The application gives us an opportunity to match meaningful projects and outcomes with a check-list challenge from RI President Ron Burton of Norman, OK. Categories included Membership Growth, Enhance Humanitarian Service Through the Rotary Foundation and Strengthen Our Network Through the Family of Rotary. We scored well in all categories – •Remember June 19 is the date for the 25th Anniversary celebration for Rotary South at CCMO. The emphasis will be on fellowship rather than a formal program, although important recognitions and introductions will be made including Charter Members, District Governor Ken Messer, Past Presidents, Past District Governors and all Rotarians of The Year. It will be a major celebration so be sure to SAVE THE DATE – June 19th.

And answering the sure-to-be-asked question from the final bullet point: Yes, we will meet the following morning for an interesting program brought by Steve & Sharon Paulsell.congratulations to committee chairs and members who led these efforts.
•Poinsettia order for 2014 has been placed so begin identifying your sales targets!

See you Friday!