Over six sessions 17 Rotarians gave well over 100 hours of hard work to make the landscaping project at Boone County Historical Society come to fruition. Many thanks to Bill Regan who led the project, Joe Weston who designed the plan, Dan Kliethermes for loaning a trailer to haul the mulch, Bruce Young and Giving Gardens for plants and loan of tools, Rost and Superior Gardens for providing nursery stock at wholesale, and Westlake’s for donating a mulch fork and an extra scoop of mulch. Many hands and a Rotary District 6080 Grant made the project a success. A big thank you to Verlin Beam, Wilson Beckett, Robin Calfee, Lindsay Dorr, Ron Kelly, Lynn Mitchell, Joey O’Loughlin, Mark Palmer, Raymond Plue, Chris Rigby, Paul Sabo, Bob Smith, Anne Weller, Joe Weston, Todd Weyler, and Bruce Young for their hard work. Rotarians get things done!


The final team to complete the landscaping project at the Boone County Historical Society (plus the photographer). Spread eight scoops of mulch to wrap things up.

The hard work is done, but we will need volunteers to water during the summer.

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