As part of several recent updates to My Rotary, RI is pleased to announce that They’ve added Delegation, a new tool that will help you carry out your responsibilities more efficiently. If you have a club, district, or regional role, you can now delegate your role-based access in with fellow Rotarians so that you can share tasks and responsibilities to better serve your club.

A few key points about Delegation:

Even though you are sharing your role-based access, no personal information, including your profile or My Rotary discussions, will be shared.

You will not lose your role-based access if it is shared with another club member.

You can only share access with someone under the same organizational umbrella. For example, club access can only be given to a fellow club member and district access can only be given to a member of the same district.

You can end shared access at any time.

Go to My Rotary to learn how it works. If you have questions, ask us at